It’s like a magic box!

Christie MicroTiles™ are rear projection “boxes” of 40x30x26 cm containing a latest-generation video projector. They use DLP technology, LED light and a Fresnel lens with high contrast resolution of 720x540 pixel.

Using this device you get 70 times more pixels than the most popular 4mm LED displays.

Highest quality, highest resolution

In one single solution, Christie MicroTiles™ offer colours that are spectacular and with a wider range than LCD and plasma technologies.

Up close, from a distance or from any viewing angle, the images will be always bright and sharp.
Even in brightly-lit areas, the image will always be perfect.

Every shape, every size

There are no limits to what you can imagine: you can create displays of any shape and in any size. See your ideas become reality before your eyes - exactly where, when and how you want.

Here are just a few suggestions: strips, columns, arches, stairs and squaresfor presentations with the product at the centre of the display - even escalators!

High Definition

This “pixel factory” offers 70 times more pixels than the most popular 4mm surface-mounted LED panels. Your logo will no longer look out of focus. Every detail will always be displayed perfectly.

  • Best LED
  • 60¨ High Definition LCD/Plasma
  • Christie Microtiles™

Click, connect and go!

MicroTiles™ can be connected instantly - just like kid’s building bricks – and they let you give free rein to your creativity.
Once connected, MicroTiles™ recognize each other automatically and autocalibrate colour and brightness thanks to integrated sensors that monitor the operations of all the LEDs.

When colours are critical

MicroTiles™ offer colour reproduction that matches the beauty of 115% of the NTSC colour scale and is 50% better than that offered by standard LCD flat screens.

Don’t lose even a single pixel

MicroTiles™ not only utilize the advantages of DLP projection and LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology; they also offer significantly brighter images and a richer "palette" of colours than conventional LCD and plasma displays.

MicroTiles™ form a virtually seamless wall screen (the gap between one unit and the next is only 1 mm) and with an unlimited number of extremely fine pixels.

  • Best LED – ~1mm every ~3mm
  • Best LCD – ~7mm
  • Best Plasma – ~4mm
  • Microtiles™ – ~1mm


Equally famous for its projectors, Christie’s advanced optical technology can help create a truly stunning impression, offering the right balance between increased brightness, great contrast and a rich colour palette. As a result, MicroTiles™ are ideal for sophisticated, brightly-lit interior environments.

You can combine them as you wish to form video walls of any shape and size, wherever you want.

Multitouch – just like a tablet

MicroTiles™ can become interactive by means of various technological solutions. There’s even an app specifically designed to interface with the MicroTiles™ coming soon.

Simple to use

All MicroTiles™ can be accessed from the front allowing maintenance of each module within 15 minutes without having to disable or disassemble the entire installation.

Display uniformity

One of the biggest challenges for a display technology based modular is to be able to manage, adapt and check every detail to ensure the uniformity of the overall display.

To play video and data on MicroTiles™, just connect your PC or other media player to the control unit (ECU) using a Single Link DVI adapter. If your PC or media player has multiple video outputs, all you have to do is connect each output with an ECU.

The ECUs then work together to automatically set colour and brightness uniformly [across all the MicroTiles™/ the display].

Easy to manage user interface

By connecting to the control unit on site or remotely via Ethernet, the display can be operated via a highly intuitive web-based user interface. You can also use an infrared remote control to operate the on-screen menu commands at a distance of up to 100m.

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