More creativity megapixel walls

You can compose your wall with various configurations and manage different content simultaneously, for example, with live images, video, graphics, animations, interactive applications or any digital content you desire.

The ability to produce dedicated content

Getting the most from your MicroTiles™ requires specially adapted and focused content.

At Excogitare we are experts at analysing and creating the most suitable configuration for your MicroTiles™. We can create contact from scratch or improve existing content to help you communicate exactly what you want.


Christie MicroTiles™ are compatible with the most commonly used systems of image reproduction and video processors. This means you can choose your own media player, electronic control program or video processor that you consider the most suitable.

If your project requires a megapixel camera with multiple inputs to manage and control, Excogitare is your ideal partner.
We can create, develop and engineer content, in addition to managing the installation and on-site service.